May 5, 2014

Visit by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Interview and Text / Aida Nastacuas
Photos / Kevin Nastacuas – Jimmy Nastacuas - Edwin Cuazaluzan – Luis Rocero

ICRC visits the INKAL AWA school

Mr. José  Serralvo, Red Cross (ICRC) delegate was interviewed by Miss Aida Nastacuas on tuesday March 11, 2014.

What is your mission? 

He said it was to help at risk populations like ours. He said also that indigenous communities are especially vulnerable so they need the help of his organization.

Yesterday I interviewed Mr. Octavio Acosta, member of the ICRC.

According to him there are communities here that are being affected by the conflict, and he said he would help us with this project. He also said he was very happy to be here in the INKAL AWA educational institution.

Professor explaining fish farm project to ICRC delegates

Committee visits projects in the school. ICRC supports chicken and fish projects.

Professors and committee.

Student AIDA interviewing ICRC delegate.
(photo by LUIS ROCERO)

Student RIGO recording video of the interview
(photo by LUIS ROCERO)

ICRC delegate visits students and teachers.

Committee chatting with students.

March 27, 2014

Photography Workshop

Text and photos - Daisuke Shibata

I brought a digital camera from Cineminga to the school in the community of Magüi.

Little by little, I taught students how to use it.

We discussed how we could use the photos. One teacher who teaches Awa launguage proposed we photogragh local flowers and plants, body parts, and interactions, then label them with words in Awa and Spanish, and make a gallery. I think this is a wonderful idea. We will keep you posted.

March 21, 2014

Dance and Studies

In the second week of classes, which started on February 24, most of the students (98 of them) were able to attend. Most of them have to walk for hours to come to school, so they stay at dorms from Monday to Thursday.

On the night of the 24th, a dance party was held to celebrate the reunion and welcome new students. They only needed music to have a dance party, no food no drink were required.  I feel this is very Colombian. Teachers and students enjoyed the celebration until 9pm, time to go to rest.

Happy to be back in school
This year a new library built by teachers and students has opened. The school had received some books from the government but they didn’t have a room for them, so they had been in the storage for a long time. This library is a testament to the community’s enthusiasm for creating the best possible learning environment for its youth.

March 15, 2014

Classes Started

Photos & text Daisuke Shibata

School in Magüi finally started on Monday February 17th, it was delayed by two weeks because of the clashes. Less than half of the students attended, from a total of 136, since they still have to be careful and watch the situation.

Weeding garden after vacation

Students and teachers fixing up facilities to start classes

The school is surrounded by deep green mountains
The water is extremely pure